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Generate DDL script of JPA persistence unit in Maven using hbm2ddl

Recently, I was facing the task of generating the DDL script of a JPA domain model in a Maven build. Of course, there is Hibernate’s hbm2ddl to actually perform the DDL generation, however, I did not know any Maven plugin capable of invoking hbm2ddl. After some research, I found out that this is achievable via an Ant task (i.e. use the Ant plugin for Maven), or via the hibernate3-maven-plugin. I decided to go with the hibernate3-maven-plugin, although all it does is to create a respective Ant task and invoke Ant on this task. Here is my Maven configuration for generating the DDL of my persistence unit during the Maven build:

            <jpaconfiguration persistenceunit="my-persistence-unit"/>
                <path location="${project.build.directory}/classes" />
                    haltonerror="true" />

This configuration invokes hbm2ddl with the correct classpath and parameters during Maven’s process-classes phase, and creates the file target/sql/hibernate3/my-persistence-unit.ddl containing all DDL scripts of the configured JPA persistence unit.