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18 Jun

Received BSc degree in Software and Information Engineering

I am very happy to announce that I received my Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Software and Information Engineering from the Faculty of Informatics of the Vienna University of Technology today. I passed my bachelor exam with distinction, having an average GPA of 1.2 over all exams taken in the bachelor program.

I am now able to officially enroll in the Master’s program at Vienna University of Technology. I have taken many courses of the Master’s program already anyway (while I was enrolled in the Bachelor’s program), however, now I can finally make it official.

06 Jun

Bachelor thesis finalized at last: introducing Clean REST URLs

I am really very, very happy to announce that my bachelor thesis about the relative-resource-handler is now finally completed. In the end, I must admit that it took me quite a while to get the thesis to an official end, however, I am now even more excited about it.

Here is the final version of my thesis: Evaluation of State-of-the-Art resource handling in JavaServer Faces based web applications and development of an enhanced resource handler for JSF 2.

The thesis describes general problems in resource management of JSF based web applications, it presents common solutions and frameworks for resource handling (like Weblets), and finally, it introduces the relative-resource-handler. In addition, the thesis introduces the term “Clean REST URLs“, describing URLs, which are purely structural, which do not contain a query string, which instead contain only the path of the resource, and which are used to identify a resource the REST way. Clean REST URLs are used by the relative-resource-handler to deal with many problems that arise in the context of resource handling. More details about it can be found in the thesis PDF.

Some personal notes: I first started to work on my thesis in November, 2011, as announced in this blog post. After an initial burst of enthusiasm, I soon reduced my efforts, because of various other commitments (mostly my job at IRIAN, and other courses at university). Eventually, I continued work on the thesis in the fall of 2013, and now, after many hours of work, and many discussions with my scientific advisors (mostly Marcus Büttner), the thesis finally got accepted and graded (receiving the best possible grade, yay!). I can now officially end my bachelor studies at Vienna University of Technology, and enroll in the master programme. By the end of June, 2012, I was actually finished with my bachelor studies, however, I needed to complete my bachelor thesis to formally switch to the master programme. I therefore took the courses needed for my master programme in the context of yet another bachelor programme, which, fortunately, is possible at the Vienna University of Technology. This way I was able to complete most of my master courses, without being formally enrolled in the masters programme. Actually, as of today I am already very close to finishing my master studies, I have almost finished all required courses. I still need to write my master thesis though, which will most likely take another year.

23 Mai

Pong on ATmega1280 dev board

This video shows my implementation of Pong on an ATmega1280 dev board (AVR 51 microcontroller). The game uses the accelerometer of the respective Wii mote to calculate the racket position of player 1 or 2. To communicate with the Wii motes, it uses a bluetooth module. Furthermore a bundled MP3 and SD-card module is used to play sounds from unreal tournament (stored on the SD-card), each time a player scores a point.

This game was an exercise of the microcontroller course at TU Vienna in 2012S.

08 Nov

Bachelor thesis about relative resource handler

I am very happy to announce that I will write my bachelor thesis at the research group for industrial software (INSO) at Vienna University of Technology. The thesis will be about my work on the relative resource handler for JSF 2 [1].

Together with Marcus Büttner and Mark Struberg I will adapt the relative resource handler for the administration software of the Vienna University of Technology, TISS [2]. For this task the relative resource handler will include some new features apart from supporting relative paths between resources, like e.g. supporting external resource locations. Check out the issue tracker for all enhancements [3]. Also, we already created a wiki page [4] for a list of all requirements.

Stay tuned!