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24 Mai

TinyOS syntax highlighting in BBedit

If you are working with TextWrangler (or BBedit) on TinyOS files (*.nc), you can use the following file to get correct syntax highlighting: TinyOS.plist

To install it for TextWrangler, copy the .plist file to the following directory:

Username/Library/Application Support/TextWrangler/Language Modules

Then restart TextWrangler and you should have a language module called “TinyOS”, which will be automatically applied to *.nc files.

23 Mai

Pong on ATmega1280 dev board

This video shows my implementation of Pong on an ATmega1280 dev board (AVR 51 microcontroller). The game uses the accelerometer of the respective Wii mote to calculate the racket position of player 1 or 2. To communicate with the Wii motes, it uses a bluetooth module. Furthermore a bundled MP3 and SD-card module is used to play sounds from unreal tournament (stored on the SD-card), each time a player scores a point.

This game was an exercise of the microcontroller course at TU Vienna in 2012S.