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20 Jul

First week at Google

This week was the first week of my Software Engineering internship at Google Kirkland. I arrived in Kirkland on Friday last week, taking a plane from Vienna to Frankfurt, and then another one from Frankfurt to Seattle. Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to dealing with the jetlag and to exploring Kirkland and Seattle, while arranging some basic things like a U.S. SIM card for my phone and a bank account. After settling down, on Monday, I officially started at Google as an Intern. I also got a fancy Noogler cap, see below!

Other than being at the office every day, I was also able to find a decent used bike via craigslist. I am really happy to have a bike here for commuting and exploring the area, it makes transportation a lot easier. Plus, buying the bike in Bellevue and riding it all the way up to Kirkland gave me a lot of new impressions from the area.

Looking at this first week in hindsight, I am really stunned by all the things that I have learned in this one week, and I just cannot wait to discover even more. Google really is an awesome place to be!


18 Jun

Received BSc degree in Software and Information Engineering

I am very happy to announce that I received my Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Software and Information Engineering from the Faculty of Informatics of the Vienna University of Technology today. I passed my bachelor exam with distinction, having an average GPA of 1.2 over all exams taken in the bachelor program.

I am now able to officially enroll in the Master’s program at Vienna University of Technology. I have taken many courses of the Master’s program already anyway (while I was enrolled in the Bachelor’s program), however, now I can finally make it official.

10 Mrz

Google Software Engineering Internship in Kirkland, Seattle, WA

I am thrilled to announce that I will be joining Google this summer for a Software Engineering internship in Google’s Kirkland office in Seattle, WA. At Google, I will be part of the DevTools team, working on various development tools for all kinds of Google products.

My internship will start in July, and will end in October 2014. I am unbelievably happy and excited about my internship, and I am really looking forward to facing new challenges this summer at Google.

08 Apr

System.out.println(“Hello world!”);

Sometimes I think to myself: “this would be a good subject to write a blog entry about”, but I just never did it. Now the time has come and I created my own blog.

This blog will mostly be about Apache MyFaces and thus about JSF and Java related topics.

I hope you will enjoy it!