09 Mrz

Apache OpenWebBeans meets Eclipse RCP

Last year I had to do a project at university using Eclipse RCP. Frankly, the Eclipse framework kinda sucked. Thus I tried to pimp Eclipse RCP a little bit, which means I wanted to use OWB and CODI.

After some time I figured out how to combine OWB and Eclipse RCP thanks to the excellent plugin system of OWB. Now I finally found some time to put the relevant classes online. You can find the project at apache-extras: http://code.google.com/a/apache-extras.org/p/openwebbeans-eclipse-rcp/

Please note: Although this is a maven project, I was not able to really build it with maven, b/c I couldn’t find a way to get all the relevant eclipse jars into a maven repo. If you want to use it, the best way is to copy the source files directly into your Eclipse RCP project.

If anyone is interested in getting this stuff running in his/her Eclipse RCP project, just ping me and I can help you with the pitfalls.