29 Apr

JSF 2.2 Expert Group

I just joined the JSF 2.2 (JSR 344) Expert Group. However, my request is not 100% done, I need to sign and fax the JSPA first (will do so next week).

I joined the EG, because some issues which were chosen for JSF 2.2, were originated by myself, like JAVASERVERFACES_SPEC_PUBLIC-976 or JAVASERVERFACES_SPEC_PUBLIC-947 (see other blog post). In addition, I will certainly contribute code for some issues, e.g. for JAVASERVERFACES_SPEC_PUBLIC-947 (because this spec issue is the result of my AdvancedResourceHandler in MyFaces commons).

I am really looking forward to working with Ed Burns and the other EG members and to creating a kick-ass new version of JSF!

17 Apr

JSF 2.2 – Vote for your top 5 issues

In the JSR-344 (= JSF 2.2) expert group kick-off meeting last wednesday in Vienna, Austria (which I was very glad to attend), the expert group agreed on letting everyone involved in JSF vote for their top 5 specification issues in the issue tracker. Ed Burns also announced this in this blog post.

There are currently about 330 open issues in the specification issues tracker and the number is slightly growing, since Ed told everyone to file their issues, because otherwise the problem “does not exist”.

Working through the open issues, I found out that there are some parts which do not have a spec issue yet, for example the question of integrating JSF’s managed bean mechanism with CDI (JSR-299) or the concept of CODI’s type-safe view config. Thus I created about 5 new issues in the tracker.

And here they are – my TOP 5 JSF 2.2 issues:

The first one comes from a discussion on the jsr-314-open list I had with Ed, Andy Schwartz and some other guys about (how I call it) “the epic fail targets attribute”. The second one is from Matthias Wessendorf and improves the Websocket support for JSF. The third one originates from my Advanced JSF 2 ResourceHandler implementation in MyFaces Commons. The fourth one comes from MyFaces CODI and the fifth one comes from Gerhard Petracek, a colleague of mine from IRIAN who is Bean Validation expert group member.

However, there are some other open issues, which I created, that I cannot vote for (simply because you cannot vote for the issues you created):

I you have some time, check them out and if you find them important enough, please vote! Deadline is Tuesday, April 19th, in the evening.